More flexibility to obtain a Myanmar Visa

Last year, Myanmar Government announced the launch of an eVisa program on September 1, 2014, with a quick and easy process by visiting the eVisa website at and filling in an online application form. After that the payment of the visa fee of USD 50 can be made by credit card online.
In early January, Myanmar’s Ministry of Immigration and Population (MOIP) allowed even more flexibility to apply for a Myanmar visa as it announced that the scope of their eVisa services had been expanded.
Since January 2015, 32 additional nationalities have become eligible for the application for this visa program enabling them to obtain a tourist visa with greater ease. These eVisas grant travelers entry to Myanmar for up to 28 days, and the application may be completed up to 90 days before the intended date of entry, allowing travel plans to be made further in advance.
Some new countries where passport holders may avail of these eVisa services include Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Uruguay and Jamaica.
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